Friday, December 7, 2012

Update - December 7, 2012

One would think that after almost eight years our journey to get justice for our girls would be done. It is not. We have been fighting the defense over every little loophole they can find. I do not think they have any clue who they are dealing with. My boys and I will NEVER give up this fight no matter how hard they try to wear us down; it only makes us stronger and more determined to not give up on the girls. But we most certainly have given up on is the defense having a compassionate bone in their organization. Makes you wonder why and how they can be in the business of health care. You would think the two go hand in hand. Not at Advocate Health Care, Dreyer Medical or with Dr. Michael Collins. In their minds we are a bother, as was Amanda’s care to them on Wednesday January 26, 2005. Well all I can say is keep it coming and watch your money hemorrhage to the attorney’s you have hired. We will never stop. NEVER. You have already admitted what you did. We just do not understand how you cannot want to give us the peace and closure that we desire. Makes me wonder how many others you treat like this. I would bet a lot.
Since the last post we have gone through the process of having to prove that the girls died simultaneously. I know what you are thinking; they were both in the same car that hit an eighteen wheeler truck head on, of course they both died on impact. But the defense wanted to examine this further so that they did not miss any opportunity to not have to give us a fair settlement. But of course not one person from those named in the law suit can even take the time to personally attend the court hearings. That would mean that maybe they would have to face the family of Amanda and Jazmine. It is much easier for them to sit in their plush offices and pay attorneys to do their dirty work. After all the time and money spent on this issue, it was ruled by the court that they indeed died simultaneously. OK. Now the boys and I are lawfully Amanda’s next of kin. (We knew we were all along).
On November 26th we entered, once again, into settlement talks to no avail. We never go into these believing that we will be done. And of course we are not. There were new issues that the defense needed to disclose, someone anonymously left a message on their voice mail regarding our case. Instead of bringing it to the court’s attention when it happened, they waited until we had started settlement talks and then pulled it out. It is nothing we are worried about. How can anyone put credence into a message that is 1. Anonymous 2. From a blocked number 3. Is left at 1:15am and 4. Contents completely untrue hearsay? Nonetheless it was enough to delay the talks yet again. Honestly we expected as much. The date was rescheduled for January. In the meantime the boys were appointed a guardian ad litem, which is something we expected and welcome to happen. If anyone out there thinks that I do not have my children’s best interest in heart you do not know me. I fight for my kids in life and in death. We will ride this out knowing that we are right. We are loved by many as are Amanda and Jazmine. We are strong. We will not stop. EVER. Just a tip for the defense; with the money you keep spending on your attorneys we could have settled this long ago. But I am sure they appreciate it.

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